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Our Extensive range of Trees

A tree can make a bold statement in the correct setting wether it's on it's own or forms a backdrop with others.
With bright colourful foliage in the summer and the changing colours in the autumn months, no garden should be without at least one.
At Daisys we carry a range that is suitable for you to take away with you on the day of purchase or we can deliver larger specimens.
With various forms and shapes such as weeping, pendular conical or dwarfing there is usually a tree to suit your needs.
If you can't find something you may like please ask and we may be able to get one in for you.
In the winter months the range of trees available is increased due to the barefoot season which is the ideal time for establishing a new tree.

We can also provide to order bare root hedging, canes and spirals as well as whips, tubes and stakes for planting large areas.